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SGA Engineering wins 2013 Manufacturing Business Of the Year

Business Overview

At SGA Engineering we design, manufacture and erect structural steel for various industries. At this site you will be able to find all our contact details, examples of past and present project, sample shop drawings and any other information you might need in choosing to work with us.


SGA Engineering wins 2013 Manufacturing Business Of the Year

Our History

SGA Engineering (AUST) Pty Ltd commenced business with its first invoice issued in December 1999. Its founding brothers, namely Ted and Darek Sygidus, started this enterprise with Ted having broad and experienced knowledge in construction and Darek having sharp business operations and management skills.

While the business started off with just 2 members of staff, it now employs over 34 local trades persons, apprentices and office professionals. SGA produces over 1000 tonnes of structural steel per year and continues to grow everyday.

Today SGA is an industry leader in the structural steel and construction industry servicing commercial, industrial, and residential clients; taking pride in all of its projects and specialising in complex buildings.

Some recent projects include:

  • Caroline Springs Civic and Library Centre (MBA Winner Excellence in Construction $20-30M 2009)
  • Watergardens Creek side restaurants
  • Melton Super Clinic
  • Woodgrove Medical Centre
  • Caroline Springs - Springside and Brookside College
  • Department of Defence, School of Signals Living in Accommodation, Watsonia Barracks
  • See under “Projects” for examples of these and other projects
We are proud to have been awarded 'manufacturing business of the year 2013'

Customer Service

Customer service is one of our key values at SGA Engineering - without it the company would not have grown into what it is today.

We do the utmost to maintain high standards customer service levels. It is our belief that we have succeeded in doing so, as we have clients that have stuck by us since we began in 2000. It is a great confidence boost to know that we are heading in the right direction.

Our Steel Sales division plays a crucial part in customer service as this area services far more people than our construction division. Our credo is that the customer should feel that they have been treated with respect and serviced to the highest possible standard, whether it is for a $2 or a $1000 sale.


Our five major achievements of the last five years are listed below:

  • Growing from a small to medium-sized business, now employing around 30 staff members. During this time, we moved from a 400m2 workshop to a 5500m2 workshop to accommodate a contract to build and modify freight train locomotives destined for the local Australian rail industry.
  • Implementing a new 3D modelling program which has enabled us to have complete confidence in what is being manufactured.
  • Doubling gross turnover in the past 3 years.
  • Increased steel sales. Sales were previously undertaken out of a 40ft shipping container. Now it is done from a dedicated 400m2 facility, catering to local builders and the general public. Steel product sales in the past 3 years have seen a 500% increase in gross turnover.
  • Supplying, manufacturing and erecting steel for much of the new development that this shire has seen.

This includes: Melton Youth Centre, Woodgrove Medical Centre, Melton Super Clinic, Witchmont Winery, Melton South P.S. Gymnasium, Caroline Springs P-9 College, Taylors Hill Community Centre, Caroline Springs Brookside College, Caroline springs Civic Centre & Library and Caroline Springs Springside College, just to name a few.

Planning And Development


  • Over the next five years we will be concentrating on expanding all divisions of the business. This includes our development work where we are currently building factories and warehouses from base foundation to completion, some for our own use and some for customers who want to pursue investment properties.
  • Manufacture and supply of structural steel to cater for the growing needs of the state and local governments, faced with increased populations requiring new schools, community centres, etc.
  • Steel sales which will cater for the needs of local builders, handymen and the general public. We hope to reach this objective with increased productivity, increased turnover and increased employment.

Our 3 main strengths at SGA Engineering are:

  • A timely, professional service to the building industry – this is achieved through careful planning and organisation by our experienced management team.
  • Sustained growth – by improving our staff's skill through training and development, and  employing the most qualified, professional people to do the work.
  • Cutting-edge efficiency – By using the latest state of the art industry equipment to ensure a safer and more efficient workplace.

All of these make our business stand out from the rest.


Community Involvement

We have been attentive to opportunities for business resulting from the Melton Shire experiencing significant growth.

Our structural steel division is growing as a result of the recent acquisition of two new contracts to supply, manufacture and erect structural steel to expand two new schools in Caroline Springs.

With growth in the community, steel sales will continue to increase as we are the only business in Melton to offer steel sales to the general public and residential clients.

From all of this, success will be ultimately measured by internal growth, increased turnover and additional employment.

At SGA Engineering we believe that by employing and supporting local people and businesses, they will in turn support us. We currently employ 29 people with only one employee living outside the shire of Melton.

We support local sporting clubs including Melton South and Melton Central Football clubs, St Catherine's basketball team, Melton V8 jet sprint association and the Melton Rotary Club just to name a few. We have also helped many non-profit organisations within the community with donations of steel for various projects and have happily helped out local school kids with steel for their school projects.

Finally, we make use of local suppliers and local businesses for all our requirements whenever it's possible.

Access for all abilities

Environmental impact

SGA Engineering does not currently employ persons with disabilities, however we do have an equal opportunity policy and we are open to employ any person with a disability if we believe they can assist in the growth of our business using skills that others may not have.

Our work site provides access to people with disabilities including disabled parking spaces, disabled toilets and a flat office and workshop area that has no access restrictions.

At SGA Engineering we are very conscious of current environmental issues and conform to the environmental policy specific to our trade. We recycle scrap steel used in the manufacturing workshop and always take care to turn off all equipment that is not being used to save greenhouse emissions.

We have recently installed water tanks at our facility so that rainwater can be used for the washing of all our machines, trucks and other vehicles.

Professional And Staff Development

All staff at SGA Engineering have been specially trained for using equipment relevant to their positions. We also take into consideration contingency by training some members of staff in aspects that may not currently be relevant to them. We place a large emphasis on workplace and trade training as the young generation will be the future of our country. Proof of that is in the fact that we currently have five apprentices who are all at different levels of schooling.

Our on-site personnel have all completed courses for the basic red card induction scheme and most hold many other relevant qualifications including: Riggers, Dogmen, Crane Drivers, Truck Drivers, OHS, Scissor & Boom lift tickets.

We also conduct regular staff meetings where everyone is encouraged to have their say on how things can be improved both in the workshop and on site, so as to make work a safer and better place to be. With this in mind, our employees often come to us with ideas on how productivity can be improved. Most of the office staff have also been trained so that if they want, they can move into other positions within the company without any problems.

SGA Engineering has also recently workplace sponsored two people from Malaysia due to the lack of trained drafts people in this county. These two employees now happily live in Melton and have been able to bring their families to Australia as a result of our sponsorship.

Contributions To The Local Economy

At SGA Engineering, we take pride in knowing that we have contributed to the local economy and its development. We employ local people wherever it's possible, as proved by the 28 residents of the shire of Melton in our service.

We have been involved in many projects for the good of the locality, such as our close work with the Melton Shire on the Melton Youth Centre, Caroline Springs Civic Centre and many of the local schools.

We also continue to use and support other local businesses in the Shire of Melton, which in turn support the rest of the local economy.

  • Cavalier Homes
  • Cooper Morrison
  • Done Rite Concrete
  • DTH Developments
  • Elite Homes
  • Exclusive Homes
  • Gill Engineering
  • GM Motorsport
  • Hotondo Homes
  • Melton Shire Council
  • The Nicol Group
  • Newton Manor Constructions
  • Ranges Constructions Management
  • Solar Systems Australia
  • Triple xXx Racing
  • Verve Constructions
  • Waltons Constructions
  • WATPAC Construction
  • WP Contractors


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